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Dear Mrs. Huck,
Richard and I are thrilled and grateful to you that you would paint our
beloved historic Inn especially during the Covid-19 crisis. It has brought so much happiness

to us and our family at the Acorn Inn. We only wish you could visit us to share in our celebration of reopening our very famous Inn that serves a very important community and thank you is not enough for your contribution to honor us in such an esteemed way.

Please come and visit as soon as you can.
Natalie & Richard 

General Managers

Acorn Inn

Evershot, England

Dear Lynne,

Warmest greetings from Hotel Maria Cristina. I hope this message finds you well. The parcel arrived today and we are overjoyed!!! What a nice gesture and so beautifully done, sincerely appreciated. You are naturally gifted with your artistic talent and the Hotel Maria Cristina postcards/ paintings are lovely. 

Your painting will always be proudly displayed in my office and I/we the team will always be thinking of you.

You helped us celebrate Hotel Maria Cristina's 108th Birthday so we were overjoyed to have a double celebration as we re-opened after being a hospital during the Covid crisis.

We so look forward to seeing you once again when it is allowed. 

Thanks from all our team and sending you our kindest regards,

Un abrazo fuerte, Ned 


Dear Mrs. Huck

Thank you SO much for the wonderful presents. They are beautiful.

We so appreciate the pictures, and the post-cards too, are just lovely.

Certainly brought a lot of chappiness to the team unboxing them this morning!


General Manager


39-43 Buckingham Palace Road, London

Dear Mrs Huck,

I have just returned to the office after a few days visiting our hotels in Guernsey and was delighted to receive the framed picture of the entrance to Hotel 41.  You have captured it brilliantly!  I’m glad to hear that Lauren was the inspiration behind it.


Thank you so much for such a special gift and for your continued support of Red Carnation Hotels.  I hope we will soon be welcoming you back!


Best wishes,



Managing Director


Warm regards,

Malcolm Hendry

General Manager

London, W1J 5EB

Dear Mrs. Huck

We LOVE the gorgeous framed painting of the Rubens at the Palace Hotel right next door to Hotel 41. You have captured it brilliantly and our VIP guests love the special post cards celebrating our famous service and memory of their stay at the Red Carnation Hotel Collection.

Best wishes,

Malcolm, GM The Rubens at the Palace, Hotel 41 & BBAR, London, UK

Dear Lynne,

Thank you so much for this beautiful painting of the very historic Maricel Hotel in Palma Mallorca. You have captured the aliveness of this privileged location and have honored not only our lovely team but our clients as well. We hold a small place in our heart for Lynne Huck.

Regards from Sunny Mallorca,

Rafael de Luque, Director, Hotel Hospes Maricel & SPA

Dear Lynne,

You have brought so many smiles to us with this magnificent painting of our hotel in Cordoba.

I have presented them to our guests, our private guide, our driver as well as to the famous owner of Finca Duernas Olive Grove & Mill.

We are thrilled to have something so special to celebrate. Many thanks for these moments we live because of you.

Kindest Regards,

Alberto PérezDirector Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailío *****

Dear Lynne,

Thank you for painting our beloved Giraffe Manor as requested.

You have captured the essence of the most historic as well as famous place in the world celebrating our Rothschild's giraffe as they are one of the most endangered distinct populations of giraffe.

Your post cards are selling well in our gift shop as we use the proceeds to support our beloved giraffe's and our home at Giraffe Manor.


Mary Lever-Morrison


Dear Lynne, 

Thank you for creating this stunning painting of our famous Chalet Waldhuss on our gorgeous property at Park Gstaad. I am simply thrilled to receive these beautiful post cards that we will share with our guests and my team.  Your art work always puts a smile in our hearts both my team and our guests are so delighted to receive them as a special memory of their visit to our beautiful part of Switzerland.

Warmest regards,

Stephan Post

General Manager

Dear Lynne,

Thank you for fulfilling my request of having a special heartfelt painting from you that honors our important work at Chem Chem, Little Chem Chem and Chem Chem Forest Camp. It truly celebrates our vision of what we do to create sustainable tourism while supporting the entire community to lift them up in all areas. 



Owner Chem Chem

Happy new year Lynne,

Thank you again for painting our beautiful pool at Kichwa Tembo. Our guests absolutely love the note cards it was special.

We look forward to staying in touch as we love your great art work!!

Lots of Love from the kichwa Tembo family


Stanley Mpakany | Assistant General Manager - Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp | &BEYOND

Hi Lynne,

Happy New Year!!!! Hope you are doing well.

We love  your great art work. Thanks so much again for remembering us and do hope we shall get in touch again.



Operations Manager - Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp | &BEYOND

Sirikoi Lodge - Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

In honor of Willie and Sue and the Roberts Family

Orient - Express Palacio Nazarenas, Cusco, Peru “The One and Only Pool”- featured on Orient - Express Lounge and Facebook.

Orient - Express Palacio Nazarenas, Cusco, Peru

“What a delight to receive such an amazing painting. It will be framed and displayed for the family Nazarenas.”

Stephan M. Post

General Manager

Orient - Express Napasai Koh Samui, Southeast Asia

“Thank you so much! I just can’t believe the progress you have made. They are just sublime.”

Stephan M. Post

General Manager

Dear Lynne,

Not only what a surprise but also what a treat. The first thing I did was to showcase it to my team, and they have been blown away! It is already in the guest rooms and don't be surprised to be 
contacted by foreign people .-) 

Also personally I am amazed the artistic level you have gained. What a talent you are combined with a rarely seen kindness. Best
Stephan M. Post
General Manager


"Thank you Lynne for painting 75 Cleveland Lane, the former Johnson & Johnson Estate. You have truly captured the beauty of this historic estate and we look forward to using the image during our Fall Fund raiser event with the Jr. League of Princeton, N.J. Educating the importance of the projects that enhance, support and enrich the Princeton community."

Jay and Brenda Grant

Grant Homes

Dear Lynne,

What a wonderful surprise we received today. The post cards are perfect and everyone loves them. Your note cards are selling well too. Oddly, in an age where people are not in the habit of sending out cards, we still manage to sell them. 

On behalf of the museum, I thank you for these. Soon we will be closing for a winter break of two months. We are looking forward to opening again in March. Your cards will be there, in the gift shop when we do. 

Starr Florio

Emily Dickinson Museum

Robert Reeves, GM Lord Jeffrey Inn and Deborah Hermance, Operations Mgr sitting next to the painting in their famous guest library.

"Lynne thank you so much for giving us a true gift from your heart. We are truly grateful to you for your generosity. Our clients love the painting and the post card cards you sent. Thank you for your generous spirit and support of "The Jeff"!.

Robert Reeves, GM Lord Jeffrey Inn 
Deborah Hermance, Operations Mgr

Dear Lynne , 

When I see your paintings I feel the light and the energy in them , you are a special person, we have at Hacienda Zuleta enjoy so much your company ! Every body here is always remembering a la Señora Lynne!! asking when she will come back. We are very happily using your beautiful post card that you sent us as a present to write special notes to special guests! Thank you again Mrs L. 

I send you ONLY good energy from the Andes of Ecuador.

Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel, Quito, Ecuador - featured as their classic note card for this famous 5 star hotel.

Fernando Delgado

General Manager

"Thank you for your beautiful support of my restaurant and my wonderful family at Tiesto's. We so appreciate your fabulous interpretation of my home. I look forward to you visiting my second restaurant in Cuenca very soon."

Juan Carlos Jaramillo
Owner and Chef
Tiestos Cafe and Restaurant
Cuenca, Ecuador

"Lynne thank you so much for these beautiful paintings of two of our four restaurants in Quito, Ecuador. I love it!!

"You have captured the true essence and feeling of ZAZU and the famous bar."

"You are truly an artist and these two magnificent paintings will be hung in a very prominent place in our restaurant."

Jan Niedrau
Owner, ZAZU Restaurant
Quito, Ecuador

"Front of Hotel Guaycura by guest Lynne Huck."

"Thank you Lynne for such a lovely painting!"

Carlos Ambrosi

General Manager

Guaycura Boutique and Spa

"This will keep us smiling for a while; Our talented guest Lynne Huck was inspired by our beautiful town and made both of these paintings. One of them of the front of Hotel Guaycura! We feel lucky to have the greatest guests. Visit www.lynnehuckartist.com to see more of her paintings."

Carlos Ambrosi

General Manager

Guaycura Boutique  Hotel and Spa

Todos Santos, Mexico

Facebook June 2013

"Thank you Mrs. Huck for such a motivating contribution to our team at the Costa Rica Marriott  Hotel." Here is part of the team holding your paints, everybody want one, you have no idea, it was so good!!!! I want to thank you for doing this.

"All the best for you, always"

Oscar Bolanos Vargas


Costa Rica Marriott


"Lynne, the owners and I love your painting of Pacuare Lodge!! It is so beautiful!

We are also so happy to receive your beautiful note cards and we will place them at our reception desk for resale so the proceeds can go to our indigenious community that is so important to us at Pacaure Lodge".

Thank  you again for helping us to sustain our incredible community and the highest level of Awards for Green Sustainability".

Daisy Matarrita and Owners

Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica

Hotel Plaza Grande, Quito, Ecuador 

"Thank you Lynne for sharing your magnificent life like painting with our team. We have framed it and you will always be remembered. " 

Staff at Plaza Grande Hotel

"Dear Lynne we LOVE the painting of our home and studio!! It is so beautiful and it is the new baby in our collection!! Thank you so much."

Marilú & Pablo Seminario


Cerámicas Seminario

Cusco, Peru

"We were absolutely blown away with Lynne's gorgeous illustration of our Trisha's Almond Toffee gift boxes.  Her painting is as gorgeous has her heart.  We hang the painting with such pride and smile every time we look at it."

Brooke and Jordan Russ


Trisha's Almond Toffee

"We absolutely love this lovely interpretation of Cadot Restaurant!!

"Your painting will be hung on a prominent wall in our restaurant"!

Jean-Marie Cadot

Owner and Chef

Cadot Restaurant

Dallas, Texas

"I love the magnificent painting you created of my beautiful home Alfarero Ceramica" in Cuenca, Ecuador.  I am so grateful to you and I will always keep you close to my heart."

Bless You and your talent,



"An honor and pleasure, Lynne Huck, our distinguished guest just sent us this fabulous acrylic painting of our lobby. Visit her website to see more of her work": www.lynnehuckartist.com

Hotel Telluride, Telluride, Colorado- featured on the cover of their magazine and on Facebook.

“We love Lynne’s interpretation of the Hotel Telluride it is perfect!”

General Manager

"The English Garden of Hope"

"Lynne thank you for your incredible contribution to The Angels of Hope Foundation."

"Your paintings have inspired so many women and their significant others going through the trauma of breast cancer."

"Your paintings bring smiles to all who see them. They are placed in the waiting room as well as in the therapy area."

"Thank you again for your generosity and beautiful spirit."

Lynn White

Angels of Hope Foundation

Lynne ~ Thank you so much for taking the time and using your talents to paint our new restaurant SWOONER. The painting is GREAT!! I also love the post cards you created!I Thank you so much"!

Bill Griffin

Thank you Lynne for creating a beautiful painting of The Inn at Stonington it is just great! You have truly captured the energy of summer in Stonington. Love the post cards"!!

Bill Griffin

"Thank you for the beautiful painting which is hanging in our home! The gorgeous print is hanging in our restaurant for all to see and the post cards are given to our very special guests.
" Ken and I thank you so much for creating such special memories for us.

Del and Ken Paquin

"Wanted to share an oil painting of Grand Harbor Inn by a recent guest of ours and accomplished artist Lynne Huck. To view more of her architectural impressionism and landscapes from Europe, Latin America and around the world, visit http://www.lynnehuckartist.com/ Thank you Lynne for staying with us and capturing Grand Harbor Inn on a beautiful summer day."

Grand Harbor Inn

"Wanted to share an acrylic painting of Lord Camden Inn by a recent guest of ours and accomplished artist Lynne Huck. To view more of her architectural impressionism and landscapes from Europe, Latin America and around the world, visit http://www.lynnehuckartist.com/ Thank you Lynne for staying with us and capturing Lord Camden Inn at dusk earlier this summer."

The Lord Camden Inn